ICTSUS501 Implement Server Virtualisation For A Sustainable

Your documentation will be fully referenced with each book, article, web site or other source of your information.

  • The name of the Network,
  • A brief summary of the Network,
  • A detailed description of the Network,
  • The terminology associated with it,
  • An example of the Network in use,
  • The circumstances when it is a good Network to use
  • The best references on the Network

A state-wide manufacturer of refrigeration appliances, VICAT, has asked you to help build and configure a server virtualisation for their ICT system. You meet with a team of employees that includes the Financial Controller, IT Director, and several technicians. Unfortunately, none of VICAT professionals has any in-depth knowledge of building and configuring a server virtualisation.

With your involvement to build and configure a server virtualisation, the following benefits are expected:

  1. Centralised storage of confidential corporate data
  2. Centralised storage of user files
  3. Centralised data backups
  4. Centralised management of networked printers
  5. Email services